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Baby's First Soft Book:Pitter Patter Penguin 布書

Say hello to Penguin and his five adorable friends! Whether you and your baby are at home or on the move, these are the ideal first soft cloth books for cot or pram play. Beautiful colorful artwork is printed on one side, and when flipped over a stunning illustrated narrative is revealed in bold line. Research has indicated that newborn babies love high-contrast images and respond well to them. This adorable new series from Wee Gallery, which has been family-run for over 10 years and QEB features bold illustrations along with simple words to help babies develop their vision and language skills. For added sensory effect, these soft cloth books also come with fascinating crinkle sounds.
  • 尺寸12x12cm(一面) / 全展開73x12cm
  • 材質布料 / 正反共12面
  • 產地中國
  • ISBN9781784937102
  • 作者Surya Sajnani
  • 出版社QED Publishing
  • 出版日期2016-11-24
NT494 NT420